What next?

My Darling Hunter,

Over the last couple of weeks you have been pulling out all the stops! It seems like every minute you are learning something new, its such a beautiful time for a parent to watch their “baby” become a little person.

Here is a list of a few things that you have been up to of late that had us all astonished:

1. Listening to voice notes on my phone, recognising your Uncles voice and laughing when he does and answering his questions in your baby babble – too cute!

2. Playing golf – Grandpa got you a set of plastic golf clubs and you immediately took to the sport, in fact you got it so quickly that you moved onto the smaller balls on day one.

3. Babbling in sentences

4. Waking up from a nap and the first thing you do is give me a big sloppy kiss

5. Chasing butterflies in the park

6. Having a full conversation with Granny D on skype and not throwing a tantrum about wanting to touch the computer

7. Chatting on the phone while strolling over to the step sitting down and leaning against the wall to be comfortable during this marathon telephone conversation with your imagination.

Now while all of this may seem silly to a “seasoned” parent to us these little milestones are fascinating ..UNTIL, you come home from work and Gogo tell me that not only have you walked up to the slide in the park (which you were terrified of a week ago) but you got onto the slide walked up, AND SLID DOWN ON YOUR TUMMY!!!!!

She said her heart was beating so fast by the time you got to the bottom she could barely stand up! I actually feel weak just thinking about it!

Well done my little Lion cub, keep surprising us!

Love Mom

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